SpaceWaster is ceasing all operations this summer.

SpaceWaster has a few gigs left in Philly. One at the Overlook tonight, then two more in June and July. We will also be recording one final project, so the music we have been working on for the past two years will not go to waste. All three of us have been looking to move on to different things in life, and have no animosity toward each-other whatsoever. Although it is a mix of different things that have driven us to this point. I think it can be easily summed up into the reality that sleeping on floors and making 20 dollars for a gig after driving 16 hours is a lot less romantic and appealing in our mid-late 20s than it was in our early 20s, the inspiration to keep writing music and keep pushing on has begun to fade away, and we all agreed that we would not continue this project if we did not have that spark of motivation that we had when we formed the band.

Although SpaceWaster never “blew up”, I still consider us extremely lucky that we were able to tour for as long as we did, and to record our ideas across three (and soon to be four) albums. I want to thank everyone who made this vision possible at all. The people who drove out to see us on the road, the people who let us record in their spaces for extremely reasonable rates, and the people who opened up their houses to us, practically complete strangers who didn’t smell too good, when we needed a place to stay on the road. There are too many to name and I fucking suck at names anyway, but we will never forget your generosity. For those of you who in touring bands yourselves, hit us up when you are in or around Philly. We would be more than happy come out and see you and help you find a place to stay.

As it turns out my hosting package for this website also runs it’s course in July, so this website will also be shutting down as well.



Early 2017 East Coast Gigs!

For our friends on the East Coast who were not able to catch us the last time we toured around, or simply can’t get enough, we will resume gigging on the East Coast in Early 2017. Here are the dates as they stand.

1/7 Philadelphia @ The Fire (matinee)
1/10 Philadelphia @ Kung Fu Necktie
2/2 Montclair NJ @ The Meatlocker
2/3 New York NY @ Fat Baby
2/4 Boston MA @ LBJ (ask a punk)

Quick Update

Spacewaster has arrived safe and sound in Philadelphia. We are currently settling into new homes, new day-jobs and new material that we are writing our next album! We have not booked any local shows yet but that will come very soon!

SpaceWaster’s Final Show in Seattle!

SpaceWaster will be playing one final show in Seattle before we hit the road to our new home in Philidelphia and commence our going away tour.  The show will take place on September 9th at the Kraken bar with Ghost Blood and Earth Eater as supporting acts. Check the facebook link

SpaceWaster’s Going Away Tour 2016 Dates Announced!!!

SpaceWaster is relocating from Seattle to Philadelphia this fall, and we are touring our way out there! More info will be added to this post when it becomes available.

9/9 Seattle WA @ The Kraken
9/11 Missoula MT @ The Badlander
9/12 Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes
9/14 Milwaukee WI @ Ground Zero
9/15 Chicago IL @ Jurassic Park
9/16 Pittsburgh PA @ Mr. Roboto
9/17 Philadelphia PA @ The Birdhouse
9/18 Montclair NJ @ The Meatlocker
9/21 Baltimore MD @ The Sidebar
9/22 Atlanta GA @ Union EAV
9/23 New Orleans LA @ Mudlark Theatre
9/24 Richmond VA @ Lucy Lane
9/25 Greenville, NC @ The Players Retreat

SpaceWaster's Official Website

SpaceWaster's Official Website