SpaceWaster’s 4th LP, Purge with Purpose Released!

SpaceWaster-Purge with Purpose

SpaceWaster’s fourth and possibly final LP, Purge with Purpose is finally out.  Recorded between January and March of 2017, this album truly showcases our growth and progression as a band over the years.  It is our most punk album yet, and concludes on a much more mature and refined note than our previous works.  Like the rest of our albums I will add it to the Music section of the website, but for now check out the bandcamp link to the album.

Update. Or shall I say….downdate.

I decided to take down the SpaceWaster website when my hosting service package ran out. However in the past few months, with the promotion of our last album and the winding down of our 5 year musical journey. I’ve come to long for a single URL that contains all of our contact info, music, photos and some nice flavor text to go along with it. So I decided to consult my website backup and get it up and running. Unfortunately I did not back up the website correctly. Gone are a lot of the cosmetic updates I made to the website, as well as most of the content, including my sentimental goodbye post.

I will reiterate what needs to be said: SpaceWaster was a ride for sure. I have endless thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. Those who booked us, played with us, and most of all those who were able to find it in their hearts to let 3 smelly strangers sleep on their floor at 4 in the morning. This kindness and generosity shall be remembered, and any members of our tour family who may find themselves in Philadelphia, hit us up. One of us may have a couch or a floor, and might be able to even hook you up with a gig. While we did not explode onto the music scene or reach the heights of our high-school rock star fantasies, We spent 5 years living the dream. We played our asses off, traveled the country and recorded 4 albums. I hope you enjoyed our contributions to the sonic landscape as much as we enjoyed creating them


Welcome to the SpaceWaster Website!

This is SpaceWaster’s Official Website! We will be posting all of our tour dates, news items and band info here. Our various social media accounts will still be active, but this will serve as a spot to consolidate all of our related media into one spot that is easy to navigate and easy to find.   As of yet the site is little more than a blog with a link to our music and social media accounts, but in the future we plan on expanding it something much greater.  Stay Tuned!


SpaceWaster Going Away Tour of 2016!

SpaceWaster is leaving Seattle!

Our departure from the city we called home for 4 years will commence on September 9th, 2016. We will tour our way to our new home in Philidelphia, then hit up some of our favorite East Coast spots as well. More Details to come.

SpaceWaster's Official Website

SpaceWaster’s Official Website